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What are the specs for side hinges?

Below are the most specifications for side-mount hinges that people ask about.

When do I select my glass shower hardware? The first decision you'll need to make is what glass thickness you'll build your frameless shower with. This will determine the hardware, which is designed to fit a specific glass thickness.

What types of side hinges can be used to troubleshoot my shower configuration? The main types of side-mount hinges are a sidewall mount hinge that affixes the glass door to a structural wall. And a glass-to-glass hinge.

Can I use a side hinge to attach my door at a 90 degree angle to a return panel? Yes. We have specially designed hardware for this. It's simplistically called a 90-degree glass-to-glass side-mount hinge.

Will a side hinge work on my neo angle shower door? Yes, we have hardware to hold the 135 degree angle of the neo shower. This special side hinge is called: a 135-degree glass-to-glass side hinge.

If I want a unique, angled shower configuration which side hinges should I use? We have an adjustable glass-to-glass side-mount hinge that may work in most cases.

What is your side hinge made from? Our Hinges are constructed of solid brass, and have stainless steel plungertips, pins, and springs to ensure long service life and reliable door closure. Be wary of other hardware in the off-the-shelf kits. It may be metal-plated, and not hold its finish or longevity.

How much weight can your side hinge hold? When designing your frameless shower door, weight, width and glass thickness determine how many hinges you will need for structural support. Here's a quick guide:

For 3/8" thick glass: two hinges can carry a maximum weight of 80 lbs and door width of 28". Three hinges max out at 120 lbs and 34"

For 1/2" thick glass: two hinges can a maximum weight of 80 lbs and door width of 26". Three hinges max out at 120 lbs and 30" door width.

Do your side hinges come in different designs or do these all look the same? We have several versions of side-mount hinges to choose from. Keep in mind these are hinges, designed to do real work, not just look stylish. The choices range from squared-off hinges to rounded corners and more oval shapes.What finishes are available for side-mount hinges? Our standard sizes come in Brushed Nickel, Chrome, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

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