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Why do frameless shower estimates vary among companies? Sometimes, a lot!

All frameless showers are NOT created equal.

Meaningful differences among estimates indicate meaningful differences among frameless showers too.

Let's take a look at the most common factors that influence estimate outcomes...

3/8" Glass or 1/2"Glass: Choosing glass thickness is the first step in laying out an estimate. Half-inch glass is stronger and provides greater structural integrity. It's the premium choice. Three-eighth-inch glass is the smallest thickness that can be used to support a frameless shower.

Metal Clips and U-channels: When clients tell us they'd like a frameless glass shower. We give them one. A true frameless shower is installed with 2-inch metal clips fixed directly onto glass panels at minimal intervals. You do have the option of using less expensive U-channels, aluminum rails that fit over the entire edge of glass panels. But these add a framed look to a frameless glass shower. Some companies refer to this as a semi-frameless shower. These rails are used to secure glass panels to each other, a floor, wall or ceiling. Frameless shower estimates for these metal clip installations and U-channel installations will be very different.

Door Hinges: A side hinge attaches the glass door to a wall or another glass panel. When attaching to another glass panel, additional notch cuts in the adjacent glass panel will raise your project estimate. We like side hinges because these can be sealed for a more watertight fit around your shower door.

Glass style and treatment options: For clients who are investing in an all-glass shower, we recommend upgrading to low-iron glass for the highest clarity and best color representation of shower tile work. All standard clear glass, even architectural quality, contain iron particles that evoke a slight, but natural green hue. Low-iron glass has been treated to remove most of the iron particles. Any other specially treated glass such as tinted or frosted glass will also have a slight impact on your final estimate.

Hardware Style & Finishes: Just as showerhead and faucet designs vary in price and finishing choices, so do style choices for clips, rails, door handles, and towel bars. Also, we use the highest quality hardware availability; our hinges, clips and accessories are made from solid metal. Other companies use metal-plated or cast metal hardware that can't compete for durability.

Glass Protection: We can't imagine a client who would not want to protect their shower glass from corroding hard-water stains. A glass protection application is an important election for home owners, and the protection we offer is the most advanced formula we can find: Guardian ShowerGuard. It even comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Now that you know all frameless glass showers are not created equal, let us help you make the best choices for your investment -- and your budget.

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